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  • Absolutely amazing! I had never been to a chiropractor before and was honestly skeptical. After having seen multiple doctors, who all did nothing for me, I finally went in. It was the BEST experience. From friendly, caring staff to treatment that actually worked. I am grateful to have found this place. Tashina D.
  • The chiropractors and staff take excellent care of me and my family! [The doctors] have helped me with a couple of issues since I became a patient a few months ago. I am thankful for their expertise, care, and compassion. Another thing that I love about Heresco is that I can tell that the team members enjoy working there - it shows in how they treat each other and their patients! - Trista G.
  • If you are looking for a good chiropractor or masseuse this facility was amazing. From the welcoming receptionist at the front desk, the doctors that readjusted my back and neck and the masseuse that gave me a wonderful massage. They were all very professional and friendly. I would highly recommend this company. - Alicia M.
  • I have been treated at Heresco off and on since early 2013. They have excellent customer service and wonderful doctors that work exceptionally hard to get you feeling better! The only place I trust for chiropractic!! - Hilaree K.
  • They are all professional, attentive, and always have a positive demeanor. I cannot recommend Dr. Shepro enough! I am able to get in whenever I am in need of any adjustment and massage. My health and overall well-being has improved greatly since I started seeing them. Thank you, Heresco Chiropractic! - Diana H.
  • I started coming here almost 1 year ago. I am not a continuous client, I come in if issues arise and the staff is stellar at getting me an appt when I really need it. Highly recommend this chiropractic office. I've seen Dr. Shepro when I come in. He answers ALL my weird questions during the appt and prescribes exercises to go with treatments. I really appreciate this because it takes matters into my hands too. They offer a muscle stimulator therapy treatment which is very relaxing and only adds 10-15 to the appt, and they also offer massage, but I have not tried yet. During my last visits one of the staff members had their puppy dog in a little kangaroo pouch, and that added a lot of joy to my appointment. :) - Trinity J.


  • I have been going to Heresco Chiropractic for probably 25 years and have really appreciated the knowledgeable, caring, supportive, friendly chiropractors, massage therapists and staff. Some of the staff members have been working there a long time, which tells me they are likely treated well, and that it's a good place to work. Dr. Shepro has stepped up after Dr. Heresco's retirement and I have found the quality of care and friendliness has been maintained. It feels like a family there and they have treated me through several injury situations and also general well being for early osteoarthritis. I highly recommend them. - Erin S.

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