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Carpal Tunnel and Chiropractic Care from a Chiropractor on Our Team

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition caused by pressure on the nerve that runs through the wrist. At Heresco Chiropractic & Associates in Corvallis, OR, we offer chiropractic care to patients in need of pain relief and pain management. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the conditions treated at our facility. When you have details about the risk factors associated with carpal tunnel syndrome, it may be easier to get timely treatment.


Old Age

As you age, your risk of carpal tunnel syndrome increases. It may become easier to cause pressure on this nerve, leading to numbness or tingling. Even though carpal tunnel syndrome is usually associated with older individuals, younger people can still be diagnosed. For this reason, can be important to be mindful of other potential risk factors.


Studies show women are more likely than males to be diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. This is mainly due to their smaller wrist size, which can lead to more significant pressure on the median nerve.

Repetitive Movements

Some people have jobs requiring them to make the same motions with their hands and wrists for hours. Prolonged activities that press on the median nerve can cause carpal tunnel syndrome to develop, but thankfully there are simple ways to reduce this chance. Taking breaks from these actions can help ensure you remain free of potential harm.

Occupation & Activities

People engaged in specific tasks or have particular jobs can be more prone to developing carpal tunnel syndrome. Trades such as assembly, mechanics, and construction might increase your risk of developing this condition. Activities like gardening, racquet sports, sewing, and using tools might also put you at a greater risk for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Wrist Injury

An injury in the wrist region can put additional pressure on the median nerve, resulting in tingling and numbness in the fingers. Working with a chiropractor can help relieve any chronic pain this condition may cause.

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