Muscle Strengthening

1. Increased Blood Flow
When your body experiences an injury, whether it was caused by single traumatic event or caused over a period of time,healing to occur an ample blood flow is needed. The specific exercises prescribed by your chiropractors for your muscle strengthening program will help increase the necessary blood flow to your specific area, thus promoting the healing process.

2. Increases Flexibility and Range of Motion
Specific resistance strength training can improve the range of motion in an injured area and flexibility for an injured area. By improving these two area, you can stretch tight muscles and joints that are contributing to your post-injury.

3. Boosts Energy and Improves Mood
Exercise in any form releases endorphins that help you to feel and be happy. Overtime with exercise, your endurance and injury will improve during your muscle strengthening program, which will have an impact on your overall energy. Basically with your muscle strengthening program you will be winning all the way around because you will be improving your overall health, while feeling happy and having more energy!

4. Prevents Future Injury
As a final benefit and the most important, committing and completing to your muscle strengthening program will help prevent your injury from reoccurring. When an injury occurs in a specific area of the body, that area becomes weakened and more prone to being injured again. Strengthening the muscles on and around the injured area will help provide the necessary support to help prevent injury.

Muscle strengthening is part of the path of healing and our goal is for you to walk out of your custom program pain free. If you have any questions how muscle strengthening can help you and your overall health, please ask your chiropractor at Heresco Chiropractic.

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