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Our purpose at Heresco Chiropractic is to make a profound positive impact on the lives of our patients. When your chiropractor prescribes or recommends Durable Medical Equipment (DME), it is with the intention of improving your overall health and wellness. With this being the goal, our office offers a variety of DME products that are available for purchase.

What is DME? DME are home care products that are used to improve and maintain patient wellness and adherence to care. Incorporating DME, when prescribed and utilized by the patient per the doctor’s instructions, can vastly improve the treatment outcomes for the patient.

Did you know that many insurance plans cover the/part of the cost of DME? Do you have a Health Savings Account? These funds may also be available to use towards the purchase of DME products. Contact Heresco Chiropractic at (541)757-9933 and ask for one of the insurance specialists to help you to understand your benefits.

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